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Video Players

Video players need to allow keyboard access.


Guideline 2.1.3 Keyboard (No Exception) (Level AAA) All page functionality is available from the keyboard.

Section 508 Compliance: Section 1194.21 Software Applications and Operating Systems

  • (b) When software is designed to run on a system that has a keyboard, product functions shall be executable from a keyboard where the function itself or the result of performing a function can be discerned textually.

Example of Standard in Action

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) has released a new accessible video player that is available for free download.  It is the type where you don’t need to use extra software, you just click it and it plays in your browser. Often the players are designed for mouse only, and there is no way to interact with the controls via the keyboard. Lots of people use keyboard only—no mouse. So, those people are stuck when they come to such a player.

accessible video player from American Federation for the Blind

Example of Issue

Keyboard accessibility is one of the most important aspects of disability access. Not everyone uses a standard keyboard and mouse to access the web. Some people use adaptive devices or alternative devices that accommodate their disabilities. One thing these devices have in common is that they interact with the computer in a way that mimics the functionality of the keyboard. Users should also be able to manipulate and control video player functions such as pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding from the keyboard interface

Locating the Issue in Your Course

You will want to look through your course for each instance of where you embedded a video.  In order to test whether your video player is keyboard accessible, put your mouse down and use the keyboard only:

  • Use the tab key or tab+shift key to navigate the page where the video player is located.
  • Confirm that you can tab between the video player controls i.e. pause, stop, rewind, forward.
  • Use the enter/return key to activate the controls.

Resources to Align With Standard

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