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Visual Focus

There is inconsistent indication of visual focus, making it difficult for a non-mouse user to effectively navigate the system. Users who are unable to use a mouse to access a webpage are unable to track where they are on the screen. There is no consistent indication of visual focus.

Example of Issue

A user who has mobility challenges and can only rely on a keyboard for browsing is accessing a history website to find out more information for their class report. While on the website, they get disappointed that they are unable to track their location on the webpage. There is no clear indications of visual focus, or in other words know where they are on the webpage. The user stopped using the website since they are unable to browse as they expected and worry that they may cause the keyboard to do something they did not want to do.


Guideline 2.4 Navigable: Focus Visible: Any keyboard operable user interface has a mode of operation where the keyboard focus indicator is visible.
2.4.7 (Level AA)

Example of Standard in Action

A user with no arm movement who can only use their keyboard to access a webpage is able to browse a website without any problems. The website allows the users to know by using their keyboard their location on the website at all times. Keyboard movements highlight links with a different background, input fields are outlined in blue and all menu items have a dotted box to show when they have visual focus.

Visual Focus

Visual Focus

Visual Focus

Locating the Issue in Your Course

Click on the address bar and put your mouse aside and do not use. Check that focus is clealy visible by using your keyboard tab or tab+shift keys to navigate your course. As you tab through the elements, you can tell which element has visual focus, e.g., links have gray outlines around them or are highlighted.

Resources to Align With Standard

  • WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind) provides web accessibility solutions to individuals with disabilities. Link provided will give you information on how to make sure your webpage is created to include focus indicators.

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