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Download Syllabus PDF

They syllabus tool allow instructors and students to view all work that has been assigned in chronological order. This is helpful for students since it gives them a timeline of when work is due and helps them to manage their time more efficiently. Also, the syllabus only displays work that has been assigned within the course. For example, you cannot manually add quizzes to the syllabus, you have to create a quiz with the Quiz tool for it to appear in the Syllabus.

To access your course syllabus, click on the Syllabus tab located on the left-side navigation in Canvas.




Course syllabus

You can also click on Edit Syllabus Description to upload your syllabus or use text to describe your syllabus such as entering course expectations, schedule, grading scale, etc.

Edit syllabus description

You can use the Calendar located on the right hand-side to jump to assignment due on a particular day. Clicking a day [1] will highlight what is due that day [2].

Course syllabus view

More about the Syllabus in the Canvas User Guide

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