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Download the PDR for SpeedGrader

The SpeedGrader tool allows instructors to quickly view, give comments and grade assignment submissions. There are several ways that you can access the SpeedGrader:

To Do list

To do list

Click on the assignment that needs to be graded, this will take you directly to the SpeedGrader.

speedgrader drop down

Select the SpeedGrader option from the drop menu for any assignment in the gradebook.
Assignment, Quiz, or Graded Discussion

For Assignments and Quizzes, click on the Assignment or Quizzes tab on left-side navigation in Canvas. Locate the Assignment or Quiz you would like to use SpeedGrader on. Once you are on the Assignment or Quiz, you will see an option to use SpeedGrader located on upper right-hand side of the screen
For Graded Discussions, click on Discussion tab on the left-side of the navigation. Locate the graded Discussion you would like to use Speedgrader on. Once you are on the graded Discussion, you will see an option to use Speedgrader by clicking on the Settings [1] icon located on the upper right-hand side of the screen and selecting [2] SpeedGrader.


How to use SpeedGrader

The SpeedGrader screen is divided into several sections. The primary focus is the [1] document that was submitted by the user, such as files with .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx and .pdf extensions and the rest being the [2] SpeedGrader tools.


In the section located on upper left-hand side of the screen you can go through the user’s submissions using the [1] arrows located next to the student name, or you can also use the [2] drop down menu. You can [3] download the submission, enter [4] comments or use the [5] zoom in and out tools.


On the top right-hand corner you have the options to Mute the Assignment



or change the way users are sorted and/or hide student names by clicking on Settings.



Grading with SpeedGrader

You can grade the user’s submissions two ways using the SpeedGrader. Under the Assessment section you can [1] grade the submission manually or by using a [2] rubric.


Adding Comments

There are several ways for you to add comments to the submission. You can add them under the Assignment Comments, where you can enter either a text, audio or video response.

Also, located on the top left of the submission is a Comment section, where you can enter comments six different ways and use the drawing, highlighting or strikeout tools for your comments.



Attaching a File

There is also an option for you to [1] attach a files, for example a .doc or .pdf files or [2] record a voice or video response. This is located to the left of the Submit Comment button.

speedgrader comments

More information on SpeedGrader in the Canvas user guides here

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