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The People tool shows more information about the people enrolled in the course. To access the People tool, click on the People tab located on the left-side navigation in Canvas.

Navigation Menu

This will take you to a list of everyone enrolled in the course including students, instructors and TAs as well as any Groups that you have created in your course.

Student list

To view more information about the user, click on their name.

Student details

When you do, you will see the user’s profile which includes [1] their name and/or picture and ways you can contact the user. If they registered and linked any services such as such as Google Drive, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, Delicious and Diigo to their Canvas account you will see them listed here. [2] There is also an option for them to write a short [3] biography and any [4] personal links they might have chosen to share. You can also view in what [5] capacity they are enrolled in your course and an option to [6] conclude the user’s enrollment or delete the user from your course. You are also allowed to view the [7] user’s privileges and have options to change them. You can view what email [8] the user uses when they login to the course and when they last logged in [9] and other login information.

If you want to view all current grades for the user, click on the [10] Grades for option located on the top right hand corner. If you are keeping a [11] Faculty Journal (information you are noting about the user) for this user you can click here to access the journal. [12] Your Interactions Report allows you to see the interactions between you and those enrolled in your course. [13] Access Report shows a summary of the user’s participation in your course.

If you go back to the main People page you will see a menu located on the top right hand side of the screen.

Student details

Here you can [1] view all the User Groups you have created for the course and the users enrolled, [2] any previous enrollments, [3] all the registered services, such as Google Drive, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, Delicious and Diigo that all users have registered for use within the Canvas course and the [4] Student Interactions Report which allows you to view a summary of all the users participation in your course.

You can also use the search bar to find a specific person and filter the display by selecting from the drop down the user’s role.

Search bar

More info on People in the Canvas User Guides here

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