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Download the PDF for Modules

The structure of Canvas is modular, that is, your content can be organized and contained by modules.

You can use Modules to:

  • Organize course content by unit, day, week, topic or Outcome
  • Track student progress through a sequence of learning activities
  • Create prerequisite activities that students must complete before moving on in the course

Add a module

When you add a Module you can also set a prerequisite

And/or lock the module until a specific calendar date

Module settings

Once you have added a Module, you can add items using the + sign

add a module

You can add any assignment you have created (this includes discussions, quizzes, etc) and also links to external websites

Adding to modules

Text Headers

To add an additional level of organization to your module, Canvas provides Text Headers to break up and organize module content

Adding text headers to modules

Once the Text Headings have been created, they can be rearranged if needed, and graded activities or other course elements can be added

Items in module list

Moving and Deleting Module Items

At any point you can edit or delete a module or module items, using the Gear icon.

Moving items in Module

Modules and module items must be published before they will appear to students

publish modules

More about Modules in the Canvas User Guides

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