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The Grade tool in Canvas allows the instructor to track student progress and also serves as a communication tool between instructor and students. The instructor can enter grades manually as well as do grade calculations. This tool provides a complete view of all grades in the course and also allows the instructor to weigh, group or assign points or percentages to assignments. Grade columns are automatically created in the Gradebook when you create Assignments, graded Discussions, and graded Quizzes and Surveys. A column is also automatically added for the Attendance tool. Canvas also includes a feature in the gradebook that helps to simplify the grading process called SpeedGrader.

To access your course gradebook, click on the Grades tab located on the left-side navigation in Canvas.


Grade Interface

Grades options

[1] Assignment Details

A pop-up window will displays the assignment’s average score, highest and lowest score, and the total number of submissions.

Grade statistics

[2] SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader application opens.

[3] Message Students Who …

A pop-up window appears that allows you to send message(s) to students who:

  • Haven’t submitted yet
  • haven’t been graded
  • scored less than (a given point value)
  • scored more than (a given point value)

[4] Set Default Grade

Default grades

A pop-up window will appear giving you the option to enter a grade value that all students in your course will receive when submitting an assignment. You can also choose to overwrite already-entered grades.

[5] Curve Grades

Curve grades




You can choose to curve a grade of individual assignments if you feel your class performed below average on an assignment. It could be due to difficulty or perhaps a misunderstanding. A pop-up window will appear giving you the option to enter the average student grade. Once this is done you can also choose to give zeroes to those students who did not submit any work. Once you are done, click the Curve Grades button. The curved grades will automatically appear on your gradebook.

[6] Download Submissions

Download submissions

All submissions will be combined into a zip file. A progress bar will appear, showing you when the zip file is ready to be downloaded onto your computer.

[7] Mute Assignment

When you mute an assignment, students will not receive new notifications about or be able to see:

  • Their grade for the assignment
  • Grade change notifications
  • Submission comments
  • Curving assignments
  • Score change notifications

Adding an Assignment

To add an assignment click on the Assignment tab located on the left-side navigation in Canvas.



On the following screen click on the + Assignment button.

You will be asked to enter the Assignment name, description, point value and due date.


How to grade an Assignment

To manually grade an Assignment click on the Grade Tool on the left-side navigation.



This will take you the grade center. Locate the column for the Assignment you wish to grade. To grade assignments, click on the students’ corresponding box under the assignment, enter the grade, and press enter to submit. If you wish to add a comment to the student’s grade click on the comment icon located in the upper right corner of the grade box.


You can also use SpeedGrader to grade the assignments. Simply click on down-facing arrow next to the Assignment name and select SpeedGrader. This will take you to SpeedGrader where you are able to grade student’s work more quickly.


You can also click on the Settings icon located far right of the grade center for more grading options.



Creating Assignment Groups

The Assignment Group is a tool on Canvas that collects a group of similar assignments such as homework, quizzes, essays, etc. From there, you can weigh assignment groups by the percentage of the overall grade.

To create an Assignment Group start off by going to the Assignment tool.


Click on add Group

Add group

Enter the [1] group name and [2] percentage you wish your new assignment group to be.

Weighing Grades

[1] Start by going to the gradebook, click on the Settings icon and select Set Group Weights.

set group weights

[2] make sure to check the Weight Final Grade Based on Assignment Groups. Enter the percentage you wish assign to each Group and make sure they add up to 100%.

group weight percentages

More information on Grades in the Canvas User Guides

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