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Resubmit Course

What to Expect

During the re-review process, the team of peer reviewers will once again gain access to your course and will assess the changes you have implemented against the OEI Course Design Rubric. To aide in this process, you will complete a Faculty Reflections for Re-Review form, in which you will help us better understand the modifications you have made to your course. There are two steps to this phase:

  1. Request Received: Re-review cycles occur at regular intervals. To help support a timely review, a team member will intake your request, before sending it along to the re-review team. During this step, you will receive an email from our team with any clarifying questions we may have before proceeding with the full re-review. In that communication, we will also let you know what review cycle your course will be apart of. This will help give you a sense of when you can expect to receive the results of your review.
  2. Re-Review: Our Peer Reviewers will thoughtfully review the new iteration of your course using the initial feedback provided, the Faculty Reflections for Re-Review form, and the OEI Course Design Rubric. You will be alerted to the results of your re-review once the review is complete.

How to Prepare

Consider the following important steps when preparing for re-review:

Update Your Course:

Providing Access to Your Course:
Our team of Lead Reviewers will access your course during the re-review process. During this process, the peer reviewer assigned to your course will review your course from a student’s perspective. It is essential that your reviewer have access to all course elements, including course content, announcements, discussion prompts, assessments, time-released activities/assignments, external resources (such as publisher content), and orientation materials (such as welcome letters). Plain and simple, if they cannot access it,  they cannot review it.

Is the content accessible via the student perspective?

Do you have time released content that needs to be adjusted such that it can be accessed during the review? Consider what adjustments might need to be made to ensure your content is accessible to the reviewers.

Take the Next Step

Are you ready for re-review? Have you completed the preparation steps above? Below is quick checklist to ensure to have completed your preparation steps:

  • Update your course to align with the rubric.
  • Track the changes made on the Faculty Reflections for Re-Review form.
  • Provide access to any “hidden” content in your course.
    See “Providing Access to Your Course” above for more information. 

All set? Complete and submit the following request for re-review below.

Request for Re-Review

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