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Step 2: Apply to the OEI

How to Prepare

To get the most out of the review process, prior to submitting a course for OEI CE consideration, we recommend you review your course to see if it is ready. You can use the rubric as a guide to assess and revise your course. You may also want to meet with your peers who are interested in submitting a course for review to discuss the rubric, and/or attend an “Applying the OEI Course Design Rubric” workshop to learn more about the rubric and explore the ways in which your course may be an exemplary course.

Consider the following important steps when preparing to submit your course:

Step 1: Connect with Your College’s OEI Contact

Be sure to communicate with your college’s OEI Contact (also known as your OEI Single Point of Contact or “SPOC”). Ensure that your SPOC knows you will be submitting your application so they are prepared to provide assistance to the OEI team during the review process. If you are not sure tho your SPOC might be, please contact Michelle Pilati, the OEI’s Chief Professional Development Officer, via email at:

Step 2: Align Your Course to the OEI Rubric:

Review the OEI Course Design Rubric to learn more about what the peer online course reviewers will be looking for when they review your course. The rubric will guide you through the course design elements the peer reviewers will be assessing. Taking the time to align your course before the review, will help move you through the process as quickly as possible.

Step 3: Complete the OEI Application:

Download and review the editable word version of the application, attached below. The self-assessment part of the application requires a full course review and may take an extended period of time, as such, it is recommended that you download the editable word version of the document. This will allow you to edit and revise your responses to each section over a period of time. Once you have completed your self-assessment document you can transfer your responses to the online application.

Course Review Application


Step 4: Providing Access to Your Course:

Our team of peer reviewers will access your course during the re-review process. During this process, the peer reviewer assigned to your course will review your course from a student’s perspective. It is essential that your reviewer have access to all course elements, including course content, announcements, discussion prompts, assessments, time-released activities/assignments, external resources (such as publisher content), and orientation materials (such as welcome letters). Plain and simple, if they cannot access it, it they cannot review it.

To ensure access to your course, there are two aspects that require your attention:

    1. Ensuring your content is accessible via the student perspective.
      Do you have time released content that needs to be adjusted such that it can be accessed during the review? Consider what adjustments might need to be made to ensure your content is accessible to the reviewers.
    2. Providing access to your CMS.
      In order to conduct your review, our peer reviewers will need to log into your course. To do so, access will need to be provided. Select the option below that best describes you:

Once you have complete the steps outline above, you will be ready to submit your application. Click on the “Take the Next Step” button below to proceed.