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Providing Access to Your Course (Canvas)

Based on the Canvas setting of your institution, you may or may not be able to do this yourself. If you do not have the correct permission to provide access, we will need to follow up with your institution to gain the access that is required . In most cases, you should be able to follow the steps outlined below to provide access.  Account access, within Canvas, will need to be configured to provide access the those conducting your re-review.  Once logged into Canvas, please follow the steps below to provide access:

  1. Select your course from the list provided.
    Step 1: Providing access to Canvas
  2. Select “People” from the left-hand main navigation.
    Step 2: Providing access to Canvas
  3. Click the “Add People” button.
    Step 3: Providing access to Canvas 
  4. Enter the “” in the first field – with no quotation marks. Change the “Role” to “Designer“, then click “Next”
    Step 4: Providing access to Canvas
  5.  Confirm your submission, and click “Add User”
    Step 5: Providing access to Canvas
  6. Complete the process by clicking “Done”
    Step 6: Providing access to Canvas
  7. Congratulations! You have successfully updated the permission on your course to allow for the reviewers to access your course.