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Canvas User Guides


People Download the PDF for People The People tool shows more information about the people enrolled in the course. To access the People tool, click on the People tab located on the left-side navigation in Canvas. This will take you to a list of everyone enrolled in

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SpeedGrader Download the PDR for SpeedGrader The SpeedGrader tool allows instructors to quickly view, give comments and grade assignment submissions. There are several ways that you can access the SpeedGrader: To Do list Click on the assignment that needs to be graded, this will take you directly

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Quizzes Download the PDF for Quizzes Canvas has four different types of quizzes: A graded quiz is the most common quiz, and Canvas automatically creates a column in the Gradebook for any graded quizzes you build. A practice quiz is ungraded and can be used as a

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Discussions in Canvas

Discussions Download the PDF for Discussions Why use Discussions? Canvas has an integrated feature for class discussions allowing both instructors and students to create and post discussion topics. Discussions can simply serve as a forum for questions and current events in the class or they can be

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Assignments Download the PDF for Assignments Why use Assignments? Graded assignments help you to determine if your students are achieving course outcomes. Assignments can also be linked to your course outcomes. Ungraded assignments can be used for remedial support for students and to allow students to review

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