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Skip Nav link does not redirect keyboard control to the main content area; also, skipnavs are only perceivable by screen-readers, not by keyboard users with vision. When user tries to go back to the beginning of the main content by using the link at the top of the page it does not take them to the anchor or target at the beginning of the main content. Also, the link is not clearly visible to users who have vision.

Example of Issue

A user who has no arm movement and taps their head on a switch to press keyboard keys is unable to bypass the long list of links required to go back to the main content. They are unable to locate the “skip navigation” link on the webpage. Instead they are forced to do the head tapping movement numerous times to simply go back to the main page.


Guideline 2.4 Navigable: Bypass Blocks: A mechanism is available to bypass blocks of content that are repeated on multiple Web pages. The intent of this Success Criterion is to allow people who navigate sequentially through content more direct access to the primary content of the Web page.
2.4.1 (Level A)

Example of Standard in Action

A user browsing a webpage by using a stick in their mouth to press keyboard keys, is able to clearly view the link or button that will allow them to bypass a long list of links and access the website’s main page.

Skip Navigation

Locating the Issue in Your Course

Confirm if your course has a clearly visible button or link that will allow the student to go to  your course’s main content/homepage.

Resources to Align With Standard

  • WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind) provides web accessibility solutions to individuals with disabilities. Link provided will give you information about the skip navigation link and how to include it in your webpage.

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